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All the know-how of Magiline in a kit

With the MAGIfirst kit, Piscines Magiline proposes you the buiding of a pool in concrete and the complete installation of the equipment in 5 steps.

MAGIfirst, Piscines Magiline’s innovation, a range of pools that combine all the know-how of Magiline in a kit.

The MAGIfirst is available in all dimensions (10x5 max) and can have the Arena stairs (rounder corner), the QUALIbeach stairs (any width) or the Roman stairs.

MAGIfirst is simple and easy. His building only needs 5 steps :

1. The earthwork (1 day*)

2. The installation and the adjustment of the structure (1 day*). The structure of the pool (patented Magiline), you can assemble the panels with steels that are provided. The feet are adjustable for a perfect position and a perfect level.
Filtration FX 20, une innovationThe FX 20 filtration is pre-assembled at the factory to facilitate assembly.

3. Pouring the concrete (1 day*). During this step, you’re building your pool with the rules B.A.E.L. (the French limit state design rules for reinforced concrete), standard used for the building of bridges and water towers.

4. Laying the copings (1day*). After the drying of the concrete, you can fit the coping stones without waiting and they will be completely supportive of your pool.

5. Laying the liner (1 day*). Last step before filling your pool. The liner assures you the perfect waterproofness of your pool.

*Times are provided for information only

MAGIfirst is delivered with :

  • Structural modules with 1m20 high and feet adjustables
  • The module including Neolight spotlight
  • The steps of your Arena stairs (rounder corner), your QUALIbeach stairs (any width) or your Roman stairs.
  • The steels for your structure (without metal mesh)
  • A kit structure adjustment with cord and crank
  • FX 20 filtration pre-assembled
  • A filter cartridge 15 microns with his filter basket
  • The pump priming
  • The felt and the glue for laying the liner
  • Liner and his laying kit
  • Aspiration kit for setting up the liner
  • Coping stones

MAGIfirst can have the SECURItech slatted cover , the ELYSEA² heat pump, MAGIsport2 counter-flow intense.

Piscines Magiline, Passion for pools.