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The beach-entry swimming pool

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The beach-entry swimming pool

For the fourth time in a row, leading TV producers have chosen Piscines Magiline, for its quality, its innovation, its reliability, and its creativity, to build the swimming pools that will appear in their broadcasts.

This year the swimming pool with its own beach is the star. A veritable 2012 trend, the below-ground beach-entry swimming pool provides a gentle slope into the water.

This is the easiest way into the swimming pool, and turns it into a place where it is a pleasure to lounge at water's edge, just as you would on a real beach.

Because of the gentle slope, the water there is warmer, ideal for getting into the pool without a shiver, for chatting with friends, or for play with the younger set.

The iMAGI innovation has been installed in order to have a swimming pool with crystal-clear water that is always at the right temperature.

Piscines Magiline helps you bring your dreams to life. The Piscines Magiline structure makes it easy to create any shape you want.

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