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Discover on this page all the technical terms regarding the world of the swimming pools.

Active oxygen

See “hydrogen peroxide”.


Microscopic water plants whose development is accelerated by sunlight and the presence of lime particles.


A chemical agent that destroys algae.


State of a medium whose pH is above 7, typified by an excess of anions OH- (see “anions”). State opposite to “acidity”.

Alkalinity measurement

See TAC or “Total Alkali Concentration”.


Unit of measurement of electric current. Symbol A.

Asynchronous motor

Motor consisting of a stator (see “stator”) supplied with alternating current and a rotor (see “rotor”).

Active chlorine

Portion of the free chlorine immediately active on organic matter.


State of a medium whose pH is under 7, typified by at excess of H+ cations (see “cations”). Opposite state to “alkalinity”.