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It is with great pride that we announce that we have been awarded the “Origine France Garantie” label for our swimming pools.

Label Origine France

This “French Origin Guaranteed” label is awarded to companies making goods in France using products of French origin. Bureau Veritas, the specialist certification body authorised to deliver the new label, carries out a meticulous and detailed investigation into the origins of a company’s products and how it makes them, before arriving at its final decision.

Since 1994, Magiline swimming pools have been designed and made in Troyes, in the Aube region of France. Our expertise and leitmotiv are underpinned by the traceability of our products and their origins, enabling us to offer our customers high quality swimming pools that closely reflect who and what they are.

We are the first Pool Designer and Manufacturer to be awarded this label, which is an endorsement of both the quality of our products and the guarantee of durability for your investment.

Already characterised by innovation and respect for the environment, Magiline pools have now been given a further seal of approval. In providing its customers with reassurance as to the origin of its products, the company has strengthened its technological leadership and demonstrated its civic pride in the economic fabric of France. With Piscines Magiline, “Made in France” really means something, both inside and outside France.

We are proud to have been recognised as a representative of France’s manufacturing industry in the swimming pool sector.